Choosing a place to base your practice and business in is a big decision. Yes, the area you work in has a big impact on your future income but choosing a place to be based in should not just be about income. It should be a balance of loving the place and working somewhere that makes you happy.

We at Felt Family Dentistry chose Utah for a variety of reasons – it is nice that the business opportunities it has to offer are boundless, but at the end of they day we just love this place. Fellow Utahns know what we are talking about, especially during winter. While some places dread the winter season, in Utah it is looked forward to.

There are many things that you can do in Utah during winter months. If you are a winter sports fanatic, you can enjoy a world class venue for winter sports like skiing, snowboarding, sledding, and snowmobiling. You can also enjoy snowshoeing and ice skating. Winter sports everywhere! Why not go and pamper yourself by going to a spa or salon and relax after you have enjoyed the slopes.

For those who prefer a low-key way of enjoying one’s self there are a variety of shows, museums, theaters, shopping centers, etc., all of which are plentiful in Utah. Speaking of shows and theaters, you may even witness a premier of indie films like those at the Sundance Film Festival.

Utah is a lovely place to raise a family and it has developed into a place wherein businesses thrive. Thanks to customers like you, this is the reason why Felt Family Dentistry loves Utah.