How lucky we are to live in a time where we can enhance our smiles in various ways? We can straighten our teeth and maintain them with a retainer. We can correct our overbites, underbites, and crossbites, and teeth whitening is the cherry on top of your worthwhile cosmetic dentistry.

Professional Teeth Whitening

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Enhancing the whiteness of your teeth will naturally help your beautiful, straight teeth shine even more. It’s pretty easy to achieve a teeth whitening treatment, and there’s no doubt you will love the results.

How Does it work?

In many cases, when a patient is unhappy with the color and dullness of their teeth, a whitening treatment can brighten up their smile. It’s typically a pretty seamless and straightforward process. You can even do additional treatments by yourself in the comfort of your own home.

Step 1: A mold is taken of your teeth to create a replica of the teeth.
Step 2: The mold will be used to create a custom tray to hold the whitening gel against your teeth. These trays are yours to keep for additional at-home whitening treatments.
Step 3: Whitening gel is placed in the custom tray and then put onto your teeth.
Step 4: Your dentist will demonstrate how to apply the gel at home.
Step 5: You will enjoy a whiter and brighter smile!

Reasons to Consider Professional Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is a popular treatment for ranging age groups. Many teens get it done after getting their braces or aligners off. Adults often get it done to combat tooth stains and aging teeth. Here are seven reasons why professional teeth whitening is popular.

1. It’s a Safe Way to Improve Your Appearance

There’s no debate; whiter teeth instantly enhance your appearance and affect how others view you. Professional teeth whitening is a safe way to boost your smile and improve overall appearance. No harmful chemicals are used that will damage the enamel of your teeth. Whitening strips and drugstore trays may cause irritation and sensitivity. With professional teeth whitening, your dentist will custom make your trays to cater to your mouth’s size and meet your specific dental needs.

2. It Will Boost Your Confidence

Improving your smile in any way will help to boost your confidence. Teeth whitening can be the finishing touch following teeth straightening and other cosmetic dentistry. White teeth stand out in the best way possible. When you have a great smile, you naturally want to smile and show it off, as you should! Improving self-confidence is the best reason to whiten your teeth professionally.

3. It’s Affordable

Think you can’t afford teeth whitening from your Davis County cosmetic dentistry specialist? It’s more affordable than you may think. The costs differ from dentist to dentist, but usually, getting your teeth whitened won’t break the bank. We’ve never met someone who said their teeth whitening treatment wasn’t well worth their financial investment. We also offer many financing options for our patients.

4. It Can Make You Look Younger

One of the most noticeable physical attributes of aging is yellowish/brown and dull teeth. Teeth naturally turn darker over time. You can prevent the look of aging teeth by getting your teeth whitened. Whiter teeth can make you look significantly younger and hide stains from pigmented substances such as coffee, tea, wine, and tobacco.

5. It’s Quick and Easy

Professional whitening treatments are typically convenient and don’t take long. Plus, they are completely tailored to your situation for optimal results. It’s effortless and painless. The results are guaranteed. The amount of treatments to notice results depends on the current state of your teeth.

6. It Doesn’t Cause Sensitivity to Your Teeth

As mentioned earlier, those who have sensitive teeth may be better off getting a professional whitening treatment instead of using over-the-counter whitening strips or trays. In our offices, we use ingredients that won’t cause sensitivity to your teeth and won’t break down the enamel.

7. It’s Great for Special Occasions

A bright white smile is a perfect way to enhance your appearance for a wedding, vacation, or other special occasions. Once your teeth are professionally whitened, all you’ll have to do is wake up every day and show off your beautiful pearly whites. Don’t forget to brush and floss every day to take care of your teeth and maintain the smile of your dreams.

Bottom Line

It’s simple, really: whiter teeth brighten your life. Achieving that smile is simple, convenient, and worth it. Professional teeth whitening treatments are not scary like some other dental treatments. The process is straightforward and quick. If you want more information on teeth whitening and cosmetic dentistry in West Haven or Layton, give us a call.