Like dentures, tooth bridges and crowns are dental prosthetics. However, unlike dentures, they are not removable. These dental prosthetic implants are cemented or permanently affixed to existing teeth.


Crowns are used to cap or cover a damaged tooth, hence strengthening it and improving its appearance. Using dental crowns can also help give teeth a nice shape and proper alignment for comfortable chewing.

When are crowns needed?

A dentist may recommend a crown to address the following dental problems.

  1. Repair a damaged tooth that requires a larger repair than a tooth filling.
  2. To protect a weak tooth from further damage.
  3. Restore a fractured tooth.
  4. To align or even a misshaped tooth.
  5. To attach a dental bridge and cover an implant.
  6. To cover a tooth that underwent a root canal.

Diagnosing the need of a crown is something that can only be done by you dentist.

Tooth Bridges

Tooth bridges are used to fill in the gap of one or more missing teeth. Missing a tooth or two may cause the remaining teeth to shift and fill the empty tooth spaces, hence resulting in a wide tooth gap and a possible bad bite. More so, missing teeth can lead to temporomandibular joint (“TMJ”) disorders and gum disease.