A dental crown is a common practice among dentists. As technology in dentistry continues to advance, crowns continue to become quicker, more comfortable, and more affordable. In fact, with Felt Family Dentistry’s investment in CAD CAM machines, same-day crowns are possible.

So, how exactly are crowns implemented?

  1. First, the dentist examines the teeth and sees the extent of damage and take X-rays to check the roots and bone beneath it. This will help your dentist determine if the best treatment is a tooth filling, crown, or root canal. Your dentist will assess the extent of the decay and damage and will find ways on how to remedy the dental problem.
  2. Once a crown is determined to be the best remedy, the decayed tooth will be cleaned and prepared for the crown.
  3. Your dentist will then study the color and shade of your tooth so as to match the crown’s color to that of your other teeth.
  4. Your dentist will make a mold to prepare the proper sized crown. Or, a CAD/CAM machine can be used for same-day crowns to avoid the “old-school” approach.
  5. Your tooth will be shaved down to prepare the crown.
  6. Non-same-day crowns may have a temporary crown placed to protet your tooth until the permanent crown is prepared.
  7. The proper bonding and adhesive materials needed for your crown will be prepared.
  8. Once the crown is prepared, your dentist will fit and adjust your crown to make sure that it aligns well with your bite.

Now that you’re fitted with your new crown, take care of it just the same as you would your other teeth. Brush regularly, floss, and rinse. And don’t forget to checkin with your dentist at least twice a year.

At Felt Family Dentistry, you offer high-quality crowns at competitive prices. Plus, you can’t beat same-day crowns. Few-to-no other West Haven or Layton dentists offer that convenience. Take advantage of our cutting edge technology to ensure that your crowns are done fast and conveniently.