Without a doubt, the most important person in the world for almost everyone is their mother. Whether biological, adoptive, or a mother-figure, mothers will never be outdone.

  • She is your number one supporter – Whenever you have school performances, games or activities in school, mom was/is there every time.  She has always there on the front row cheering you on.
  • She is your comforter – Whenever you are feeling down, your mother is always there with hugs and kisses of support. She will always be by your side whenever you need her.
  • She is your first teacher – She has taught you the alphabet, how to sing, dance, and explore the world. Your mother is with you every step of the way, teaching you things that will not only make you bright but lessons to make you a good person as well.
  • She is your friend – A mother is your first friend, and will always be your longest lasting friendship.
  • She is your lifesaver – When things are tough, your mother will always be there pulling you up.

Mothers Day