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Layton’s Air Force Pride

By: | Tags: | Comments: 0 | September 15th, 2016

The 18th of September, 1947 was a big day for the United States Armed Forces. It was the day the United States Air Force was born. In recognition of the birth of the Air Force, we offer our appreciation to Layton’s Hill Air Force Base, part of the most powerful Air Force in the world.


In 1909, the U.S. military bought its first air fighter. Since that time, there was no identity given to the men who flew these planes into war. In essence, they were not identified as a single military branch. From 1909 to 1947, these servicemen were identified under different organizations like the Aeronautical Section, Signal Corps: the Aviation Section, Signal Corps: the United States Army Air Service: the United States Army Air Corps: and lastly, the United States Army Air Force.

Staying Strong Through the Years

While World War I was all about ground battle, World War II displayed a new supremacy, the one who ruled the air had the biggest chance of controlling and winning the battles. Since the men flying these planes displayed valor and heroism, the U.S. Military Forces sought a reorganization of all Services. The creation of the United States Defense Department led to the birth of the Navy, Army and Air Force. Each branch was led by a chief. These chiefs are collectively known as the Chiefs of Staff. All of these were signed into by then President Harry S. Truman. With it came the emergence of the United States Air Force as an individual branch of the military services.

Felt Family Dentistry recognizes the contributions of the military servicemen of the Air Force. Layton’s Hill Air Force Base is one of the important bases of our respected Air Force. We are truly blessed to serve many of our Air Force’s men and women at our Roy and Layton dentist offices. Happy birthday, Air Force.

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