Felt Family Dentistry is honored to serve a city that is constantly undergoing development and progress such as Layton, Utah. Our Layton dentists are proud to be part of the city’s rich history that spans about 160 years.

The first inhabitants of Layton were people who were looking for a place to build farms by the streams, and majority of these settlers were manual laborers. While West Layton is still rich with arms, much of the center of the city has blossomed into commercial and residential developments.

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Layton is situated roughly 30 miles north of Salt Lake City, and its name was coined from Christopher Layton, who was a popular Mormon leader and colonizer during his time.

Locals and tourists alike can enjoy several attractions, including Layton HIlls Mall, Layton Heritage Museum, bird watching at bird refugees, and more. Also, did you know that Layton is among the most populated cities in Davis County, and 9th in Utah?What is also great about this city is that it is highly accessible to Ogden, Salt Lake City, Salt Lake City Airport, Antelope Island, and so many other areas of Utah. With such a rich history, no wonder our dentists in Layton chose this place to call home.

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Felt Family Dentistry has been offering high-quality dental services to the people of Layton for years now, and the local community can attest to our service and expertise. We believe that prevention is better than cure. This is why enjoy regular visits from Layton residents to address oral health concerns early on. We use the latest technology in dental care, and customers can take advantage of these services for quick, comfortable teeth cleanings, teeth whitening, dentures, root canals, porcelain veneers, and emergency dental services.