When feeling stressed out from the busyness of the daily grind, there is nothing wrong with indulging in a smooch fest with the love of your life. Not only does the connection between you two intensify, you can also reap the many benefits it offers.

International Kissing Day

Research shows many advantages of kissing. Engaging in a serious, intense French kiss can exercise all the underlying muscles of your face, potentially maintaining facial muscles for a young look. No wonder why people keep on complimenting how glowing you are!

Another benefit of getting a good wet one in the looks department is to help shed off calories. During an intensely passionate kiss you can double your metabolic rate.  Some studies even claim that you can burn two calories a minute. Now, that’s a pleasurable way to lose weight!

Additionally, kissing has a natural way of relaxing you. Scientific reports show that kissing increases the levels of endorphins, the body’s feel-good chemical and oxytocin, the chemical that naturally calms the body.

The importance of kissing has been given much reverence through the celebration of the International Kissing Day that happens every year on July 6. The concept of this special event is to enjoy the simple pleasures of kissing as itself. Most people view kissing as a formality in social gatherings or a prelude to a more intimate activity.  Much of kissing for kissing’s sake has been overlooked. International Kissing Day aims to raise the point that kissing is also an expression and experience of connection with your special someone.

Make July 6 a special day and take part of this event by spending quality time kissing your partner. You can grow closer and intimate and also enjoy its added relaxation benefits.