We all face stresses in life. But did you know that there’s an easy way to contribute to your relaxation? What better way to reduce stress than by kissing? Yes, you read that right. In recognition of July 6th being International Kissing Day, kissing is among the easiest ways that you can relieve some stress.

Kissing alleviates stress

Who knew that a daily dose of make out sessions could reduce stress? It’s true. Acts of intimacy can release your body’s natural Oxytocin chemicals. This happy chemical is believed to lift spirits and reduce blood pressure.

Did you know that kissing also has health benefits? When you kiss, the saliva that transfers between you and your partner contributes to washing away plaque off of your teeth. Now replacing brushing your teeth with kissing isn’t going to be prescribed anytime soon, but a smooch here and there might not be so bad.

These are just some of the ways in which kissing can benefit you. Kissing not only contributes to a healthy relationship but also to a happy, healthy body, too.