We know that spending money on things that don’t really add value to our lives is just a waste. So why waste your hard earned tax refund on the latest iGadget that will only last a year?  Instead, invest in your oral health for a lifetime of happiness.

tax returns

  1. Healthy teeth develop self-confidence. Career people know how important having a good smile is, but a smile is more than looks.  A smile represents proper health, too.  Good healthy and a good smile equals confidence.
  2. Keeps you productive. According to productivity gurus, toothaches are among the biggest hindrances of staying productive.
  3. Helps preserve your teeth. While dentures are sometimes necessary, having natural teeth as you age is always preferable.  By investing in regular oral exams you’ll ensure that your teeth and gums are healthy for years to come.
  4. Correcting your bite improves your speech. Your bite – the alignment of your upper and lower teeth when you open and close your mouth – can affect how you annunciate.  By regularly visiting your dentist you’ll ensure a proper bit and efficient speaking habits.
  5. They’re not just “things,” teeth are part of your body. Unlike luxuries and other frivolous items, your teeth are not something you can easily replace.

This tax season, take care of that tooth issue that you’ve been putting off, or simply continue to take proper care of your teeth.  Make an appointment with your dentist today.