Being involved in a sport is phenomenal for your overall health. Being active daily boosts your physical health, and learning to be disciplined is good for your mental health.

Sports are excellent extracurricular activities that contribute to development in youth. Plus, if a child is busy with sports, they have less time to get into trouble. According to, children who play a sport are 92% less likely to get involved with drugs and are three times more likely to graduate.

Unfortunately, athletes are more prone to facial trauma and injuries. Because injuries are sometimes unavoidable in sports, ensure extra good care of your oral health and follow a few simple tips to protect your teeth.

There are some simple habits you can form to help protect your teeth when on the field, court, or track.

How to Protect Your Teeth as an Athlete

(Chris Chow/Unsplash)

1. Invest in a Mouth Guard

Many athletes wear mouth guards to protect their teeth on game day; it’s one of the most brilliant things to do to avoid trauma to your teeth. If you play a sport where collisions are commonplace, get yourself a mouth guard to wear at practice and on game day. Mouthguards can save your teeth from potential cracks, chips, or breaks that a collision may cause.

Just clean your mouthguard when you take it off and store it in a dry environment so that bacteria won’t grow on it.

2. Never Skip the Helmet

You may wonder how a helmet is relevant to teeth protection. Helmets were created to protect your head. Yes, that is true! However, there’s a bonus; they help to protect your teeth as well! Your helmet is the perfect barrier between your head and face and whatever may be coming at you in a flash. Sometimes that barrier is what saves your teeth! Never say no to a helmet, and your teeth will thank you.

3. Keep the Diet Healthy

A healthy diet is essential in fueling your body and giving you energy for physical activities, but a healthy diet is also crucial for tooth health. Eat unhealthy food groups in moderation and fill your diet with whole foods and fresh produce. You’ll feel better, look better, and have more energy for your physical activities.

4. Chug that Water

Water should be every athlete’s best friend. Drinking plenty of water solves many minor health issues, including headaches, dry skin, and heart health. It also helps to boost metabolism and keep your teeth healthy. Hydration is crucial for your teeth as it ensures your salivary glands function properly, which allows your mouth to be cleaner and bacteria-free—staying hydrated leads to better breath too!

5. Pass on the Sugary Drinks

Don’t let the excellent packaging fool you; many sports drinks are loaded with sugar. But remember, sugary drinks don’t properly hydrate you and may have the opposite effect. Sugary drinks can also increase your risk of developing cavities. You have lots of practice to squeeze in before game day; you don’t have time for holes! Stick with water and stay away from the sugars.

Take Care of Your Teeth On an Off the Field

We can’t stress enough how important it is for athletes of all ages to wear a mouth guard and helmet, maintain a healthy diet, stay hydrated and keep sugary drinks to a minimum. These are straightforward steps to take to protect your pearly whites.

Don’t forget to keep up your daily oral care off the field. Floss, brush, rinse and repeat every single day. Your oral health is essential. It’s all about forming healthy habits that will stick with you forever. Schedule your cleanings twice a year and if you’re in the market for a new family dentist in Kaysville, give us a call.