Don’t be someone who says they’re too busy to go to the dentist because someone too busy to go to the dentist is someone who gets cavities. And someone who doesn’t care for cavities needs root canals, and someone who doesn’t get their root canal will eventually need major dental surgery and possibly tooth extractions.

When we prioritize something, we can always find time, and your routine dental appointments every six months should be a priority. You have time for your Netflix shows, don’t you? Watching shows may be part of your self-care and relaxation, and attending the dentist is part of your oral hygiene—vital for your overall health.

That said, we know life gets busy when you’re chasing kids around to sporting events, running errands, working, cleaning, and everything in between. Finding time to squeeze in a dental appointment can be challenging. Keep reading for five tips on fitting dental appointments into your hectic schedule.

How to Fit Your Dental Appointments into Your Busy Schedule


1. Schedule Appointments Out Far in Advance

If your dentist appointment is marked on your calendar before it starts to fill up with other things, you’ll be more likely to make it a priority and block that time off so you don’t schedule any other events during that time.

We recommend scheduling each appointment for your previous one while at the dentist. After your cleaning or other procedure is complete, stop by the front desk to schedule your next one.

2. Be a “To-Do” List Person

To-do lists are great for time management and schedule organization. Numbering your tasks by importance and checking them off as you accomplish them can help you put your schedule into perspective and tackle your tasks one at a time instead of being overwhelmed with where to start. To-do lists are great for daily, weekly, or monthly tasks, and they can help ease anxiety and minimize forgetfulness. And most importantly, make sure to put your dentist appointments on your to-do list so you can see it, remember it, accomplish it, and check it off. You can make a physical to-do list on paper or a digital one on your phone so you always have it with you.

3. Schedule Appointments at the beginning or End of the Day

Leaving work early for an appointment might be stressful and unrealistic for you, and who wants to spend their lunch hour at the dentist’s? When seeking a dentist in Weber County, ensure their business hours work with your schedule. It may work best to schedule your or your children’s appointments before work or school or after work or school to disrupt plans as little as possible. Although, we have never heard of a child complaining about getting out of school early, especially when a fun lunch with mom or dad happens after the appointment.

4. Kill all Your Birds with One Stone

The dentist is nobody’s favorite place, and we don’t blame you if you want to be there as few times as possible. Plus, it’s hard enough to fit one dentist appointment in, let alone two. That’s why you should try to complete all your dental work in one visit. If you need extensive dental work, mention that in your appointment so the receptionist can block out extra time for you. In addition, make sure your dentist provides all the services you’re looking for so you don’t have to visit multiple appointments to get all your dental work done.

5. Find a Utah Dentist with Same-day Emergency Appointments

Before establishing care with a dentist, ensure your dentist can get you in quickly in an emergency. Knowing that a dental professional will take care of you if something unforeseen happens will give you peace of mind and prevent you from panicking. Suppose your dentist doesn’t offer same-day appointments, even for emergencies. This may be a red flag as it causes you to find a different dentist amidst your crisis, which can be stressful. Better to find a dentist who can accommodate same-day emergency appointments.

If you follow these tips, there will be no excuse to skip out on your crucial dentist appointments, whether routine teeth cleaning, minor dental work, extensive dental work, or all of the above combined into one appointment.

Remember, keeping up with your dental health is vital for your overall health. Plus, when your teeth are healthy, your smile is prettier. It takes simple care, such as brushing and flossing daily and professional teeth cleanings twice a year, to keep them looking and feeling their best. Make oral care a daily habit, and your future self will thank you.