Many parents share your concern about their children grinding the teeth during the night. Often times it is so loud, it can be heard several rooms away. Their concerns are that their children are causing damage to their teeth.

Although the sound and thought of teeth grinding can be unsettling, bruxism (grinding of teeth) in children is usually not harmful. It is very common for young children to grind their teeth together while sleeping. Most children outgrow the habit about the time their first permanent molars erupt, prior to there being any damage to their permanent teeth.

There are many contributing factors that may encourage a child to teeth grind, including teething, earaches, changes in routine, active dreams, etc. Most often, the child is unaware and will show no symptoms during the day.

Again, teeth grinding is very commonly reported among young children. Unless your child is experiencing increased sensitivity or you are able to see heavy wear or chipping of the teeth, know that you are not alone and that rarely is treatment necessary. Monitor the situation and discuss it with your dentist if you have growing concerns. Keep in mind that your being aware and regular dental checkups will help keep your child’s mouth and teeth in great shape.