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Valentines Day and Your Teeth

Give Your Teeth Some Love This Valentine’s Day

By: | Tags: | Comments: 0 | February 7th, 2017

As Valentine’s Day approaches, you may find yourself contemplating the perfect gift to show your loved one that you care. You may give flowers, a romantic card, candy, or perfume. Then you can cap the day off with a romantic, candlelight dinner.

Valentines Day and Your Teeth

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Sweet Treats

Sweet treats abound on Valentine’s Day. Kids come home from school with their Valentine’s boxes overflowing with candy from classmates. Your loved ones, friends, or co-workers may share heart-shaped boxes of chocolates with you. It makes for an exciting and appetizing day—unless you’re a tooth. As everybody knows, excess sugar can take a toll on the teeth and gums. Bacterial growth gets a boost from all the sugar in the mouth, leading to gum disease and tooth decay.

Protecting teeth on Valentine’s Day

You don’t have to go sugar-free for the holiday. You can still enjoy indulgences in moderation as long as you are careful. Take the following steps to protect your teeth this Valentine’s Day.

  • Have an effective daily oral hygiene routine – A good routine includes brushing your teeth twice a day. Flossing and using mouthwash will also provide protection to your teeth and gums. Observing your oral hygiene regimen is especially important on holidays when you may consume more sweets than usual.
  • Brush and floss after eating sweets – Candies such as caramel and toffee can stick to the teeth. They may take a long time to dissolve, feeding the bacteria in the mouth that causes gum disease and cavities. Even if you have already brushed for the day, take the time to brush again to remove candy residue.
  • Avoid sticky and hard-to-chew candies – High-sugar content can cause these types of candy to stick to the teeth. They may damage dentures or other dental appliances.
  • Eat nutritious food – Your teeth and gums need nutritious food just like the rest of the body. Adopt a habit of eating healthy food regularly to boost your dental health.
  • Visit your dentist regularly –Your dentist can catch the beginning of a dental problem and address it immediately. Don’t go too long between visits.

Practice moderation in all things. Splurge a little on Valentine’s Day. Don’t go overboard, but take key steps to counteract potential damage to your pearly whites.

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