Nobody wants to give off bad breath as part of a first impression. If you have a problem with bad breath, don’t worry. If you are willing to take action, there are a number of things you can do to clear it up.

Get Rid of Bad Breath

(Pixabay / Anemone123)

Bad breath, or halitosis, originates from the gases produced by the bacteria that accumulate in the mouth – in your teeth, gums, and tongue. The gases include sulfur, which is responsible for foul smelling breath. The simplest way to treat this problem is to brush and floss your teeth and to use tongue scrapers to remove bacteria.

The following are other ways of improving your breath:

  • Visit your dentist – If you have persistent bad breath in spite of your dental hygiene efforts, see your dentist. Bad breath can be caused by cavities that result from bacteria in the mouth. Your dentist can address your cavity problems.
  • Check your nose – Your bad breath could be caused by the smelly secretions from the nasal passages. The presence of bacteria in the nose and sinus cavities may give off foul odors. The problem could be addressed by using a saline nasal wash. If the issue persists, see an ear, nose, and throat specialist.
  • Watch for tonsil stones – Tonsils, located in the back of your throat, can catch microbes and debris that may form into tonsil stones. Tonsil stones can give off noxious odors, contributing to halitosis. These stones may be removed by squirting pressurized water into the tonsils.
  • Avoid smelly foods – If you struggle with stinky breath, start keeping an eye on what you eat. Avoid pungent foods such as garlic and onion.
  • See a doctor – If you have a persistent bad breath problem, see a doctor to rule out stomach issues. Acid reflux can cause bad breath. Acid reflux is a condition where the content of the stomach leaks out into the esophagus. The problem can be addressed with antacids and other medications. See a primary care physician who can then refer you to the appropriate specialist.

Don’t suffer with bad breath. See a dentist or doctor, and get the problem taken care of before it gets worse.