When it comes to dental hygiene, educating your children early on is key to building good dental habits. This includes taking your child to the dentist as soon as they have teeth and returning every six months for a routine checkup and cleaning.

Around 40% of children form a cavity before even starting kindergarten. That can absolutely be avoided by choosing a well-trained dentist and following the recommendations they give you. Simple daily habits such as brushing and flossing every day make the biggest difference.

Finding the Right Dentist For your Child

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We know your children are precious to you and that every decision you make for them is done with intention and care. Choosing a dentist for them should be no different. It can be overwhelming to find the right dentist, so we’ve compiled five actions to take that might make your search more effective.

1. A good first step to finding a pediatric dentist is to Talk to Other Parents.

Striking up conversations with your mom friends about dentists in your area might just be the most effective way to weed out the ones with bad reputations and lead you to one with impeccable service and expertise. Talking to other parents will give you unique insights and help you on your journey to find a dentist that both you and your child will love.

Ask them about the environment. Will your child feel safe? Is the whole staff friendly, including the receptionists, assistants and hygienists? Does the dentist have fun tricks to get children to open up (literally)? Word of mouth is the best way to get the scoop on dentists in your neck of the woods.

2. It’s also important to Confirm Their Credentials

This may sound obvious but it’s important to verify that your dentist is qualified to care for your child’s teeth. Did they graduate from an accredited dental school? Are they licensed and board-certified? Do they take part in continuing education and stay up-to-date with modern methods? Newer techniques are often safer and use more thorough technology. Surprisingly, many dentists still use very old-fashioned techniques that will soon be obsolete.

3. It’s always worthwhile to Read the Reviews

People write reviews for one of two reasons: when they’re exceptionally happy with a service or very displeased with a service. What do the reviews on their website say? The reviews might tell you all you need to know about their business. With that being said, some people aren’t satisfied no matter what so it’s normal to see one or two negative reviews. However, if it’s one negative review after the next and the positive reviews are few and far between then cross that dentist off your list. Reviews are sometimes our saving grace in this day and age. Thank goodness for the internet!

4. You could get a feel for the dental practice yourself by Visiting the Office

Is the office in a convenient location? Did the staff seem friendly right off the bat? Did your child feel safe there? Schedule a consultation with a few dentists on your list and then narrow down based on your experience, the location and your child’s preference. An inviting, kid-friendly office can help put your child at ease before an appointment, and a convenient location will make your life a lot easier when you have to take your child out of school or sneak out of work for an appointment.

5. At your child’s consultation, Ask About Prevention

It’s important to choose a dentist who prioritizes prevention and recommends preventative measures. A good dentist will give you the education and tools needed to prevent tooth decay and cavities. Does the dentist use sealants and fluoride for kids? Both of these can help protect the enamel and decrease the risk of cavities. Do they seem to care about your child’s continued dental health? These are important questions to ask when assessing a dentist’s care.

There are many dentists in Utah, but not all will provide the same experience. Your child’s first trip to the dentist could make or break their view on dental visits for the future, making it important to do your research, follow your instincts and choose a phenomenal Utah kids dentist. We use the latest technology and treat each patient like family. Learn more about our Davis and Weber County dentists and request an office visit here.