Independence Day is celebrated every year on July 4th. It is a special day that marks the independence of the Thirteen Colonies that were under Great Britain. The Thirteen colonies include states from the eastern part of North America. Since the Declaration of Independence, Americans have always make it a point to celebrate and show their patriotism to our country.

Proud to be American

There are different ways that people show their patriotism. Some would hang an American flag in front of their house or on top of the car to show their celebration of the 4th of July. Other people go the extra mile and even dress up in costumes with Independence Day as the theme and join the street parties. There are also people who prefer to spend the 4th of July with their loved ones by having a picnic or cooking barbecue at home.

Whatever way it is, it is important to show in your own way your patriotism to our country. Even commercial and business company now join the celebration by showing off their own American flag in their shop, stores, or clinics.

Our company, the Felt Family Dentistry has been of service to our community for more than a decade now (since 2003). We are proud to be an American company that started with a simple dream – to offer the best dental services to our customers.

We started as a small clinic and now with the loyalty of our customers, we have expanded our clinics. We now have two clinics located in West Haven and Layton, Utah, providing different services such as general and preventive dentistry, restorative dental services, cosmetic dentistry and periodontal or gum services.

Every year, we make sure that we celebrate the 4th of July because it is our way of giving gratitude to our country that helped us somehow reach our goals. As an American company, we pride ourselves in giving the best dental service with our friendly staff. We assure our customers that they will only get the best, professional care from our clinic. With our skilled doctors and staff, you and your kids will never be afraid to go back to our clinic.