What would we be without our fathers? Not only did dad play a role in bringing us into the world, but he also works wonders in the lives of family.

Father's Day

Along with mothers, fathers are the family’s provider of needs. He is the one who works so hard to make ends meet, and luckily, give his family little luxuries in life. He is a child’s first superhero, their protector against bullies and other bad elements, the one who lifts them up, the one who takes children to the lake for a boating and fishing session, the one who teaches little ones to ride the bicycle, and more.

Truly, fathers are very important in everyone’s lives. We, the doctors and staff at Family Felt Dentistry, honor the fathers of the world.  We’re forever indebted to the dads of our lives for the persons we have become now. This Father’s Day, let us all treat our fathers in the most special way they deserve.