Are you the type of person who wants to do everything yourself? Do you like to learn new things and figure out methods for everything? That’s a handy trait that will serve you well in life but not such an excellent way to tackle orthodontic treatment.

In recent years, we’ve become used to doing everything remotely, digitally, or in any way that doesn’t require direct contact with another person. Orthodontic companies have had to diligently spread awareness about the dangers of remote orthodontic and dental treatment.

Orthodontic treatment should always be in-person with a trained individual. Within the last few years, in the thick of Covid, the number of people damaging their teeth from self-applied teeth straighteners have caused the American Dental Association of Orthodontics to issue warnings against companies such as SmileDirectClub, and others who offer DIY teeth straightening.

Some states even passed legislation to regulate these companies more heavily. Most people had no idea that using these self-applied teeth aligners were damaging. The advertisements reel people in, and it sounds lovely to get aligners mailed to your door without entering a dental office. But because we have seen these DIY devices go wrong all too often, we are here to spread awareness about the dangers they bring.

According to our Weber County family dentists, here are the three biggest reasons you should avoid DIY teeth aligners.

Exploring the Dangers of DIY Aligners

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Not Monitored by a Professional

Dentists and orthodontists go to school for a long time to learn their trade. It’s not a science that you can research and perfect overnight. It takes years of studying, research, application, and practice to be qualified to deal with braces and other aligners. Trained dentists and orthodontists will perform thorough exams to assess your jawline and teeth. This is a crucial first step to giving you the proper treatment based on your specific needs. They will take x-rays and diagnostic photos of your condition to create a treatment plan.

Creating a treatment plan without first examining the teeth is like building a skyscraper without creating a blueprint. It can be very problematic.

When untrained individuals apply braces or create clear aligners, they risk harming their teeth and jaw. DIY braces and aligners can lead to issues such as infection. When you work with an experienced and trusted dentist or orthodontist, they’ll schedule regular check-ups with you every 12 weeks to track your progress and make any necessary adjustments.

With DIY teeth straightening, you get a set-in-stone treatment plan. Unfortunately, everyone’s bite looks and behaves differently throughout treatment. Customization is a must. With DIY devices, you’re generally in charge of your own progress. You won’t have an informed dentist or orthodontist by your side to track your progress and make adjustments.

Can Cause Irreparable Damage

As mentioned above, dentists and orthodontists take x-rays and perform thorough exams before teeth straightening treatments. A big reason for this is to catch any underlying conditions that may affect the process. Many of these conditions lay below the gum line or bones, and a dentist can only detect them by x-ray. Treatment while ignoring an underlying issue can worsen existing conditions and cause irreversible damage. This may lead to bleeding gums, loose or broken teeth, difficulty chewing and swallowing, tooth loss, and jaw pain.

DIY Aligners Aren’t So Cheap After All

It may be rather tempting to listen to an ad that claims DIY aligners are way more affordable and convenient. Unfortunately, the claims are usually too good to be true. DIY aligners typically cost you more than a safe and proper orthodontic treatment in a dental or orthodontic office.

Cutting corners when it comes to your teeth is never recommended. If your DIY treatment doesn’t work or causes damage, you’ll have to pay double if you go to a professional to fix what the DIY started. If you choose professional treatment from the get-go, you’ll be able to rest easy knowing it will work and that you won’t have to pay any additional costs. Paying for orthodontic treatment is expensive; paying for it twice is even more costly and unnecessary.

DIY companies often tack on hidden fees and costs that they didn’t include upfront. An honest and trustworthy dentist will be completely transparent about fees. Everyone should have access to affordable and professional high-quality treatment.

When it comes to your teeth, don’t cut corners, and don’t take risks, especially when there are trustworthy and experienced dentists in Utah who will take great care of you and your teeth.
If you need cosmetic dentistry in Utah, we invite you to contact us. If you need braces or aligners, we can point you to a qualified orthodontist. We pride ourselves on being honest, kind, and treating every patient like family. Please reach out to us before opting for DIY aligners.