Time flies so fast. Especially when you love what you do. Such is the case for us here at Felt Family Dentistry.


Before you know it it is December, the last month of the year. Not too far from now we will all be celebrating the New Year in Utah.

Being in Utah, snow has already fallen in the mountains. The holidays are around the corner. Soon you’ll be spending time with friends and family.

If you’re like us you like to think. Did you accomplish everything that you wanted to this year? While you are sitting and wondering what things were missed this year, do not forget to take a look at your insurance policy and make sure that you have taken advantage of all the benefits and advantages that it offers before this year ends. Apart from getting the health benefits, doing this will also allow you to maximize your tax benefits.

Part of the benefits and advantage of most insurance policies is a free dental exam. If you’re past due for a basic checkup, what’s better than one that’s covered for free by your insurance policy? There are no disadvantages for you, just benefits and a healthy mouth and teeth.

As you review your 2014 year we hope it has brought you everything that you could ask for. At Felt Family Dentistry we simply wish you happiness in whatever it is that you may do.