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Dental Care Tips for your Growing Child

By: | Tags: | Comments: 0 | March 8th, 2016

Felt Family Dentistry continues to earn the trust of families, parents, and their kids, year after year. Once you walk into Felt Family Dentistry, it isn’t just the friendly staff or the pleasant ambiance that you will notice. It is also the comfortable air that sets these Roy and Layton dentist offices apart.

Often a kids dentist is different from a general dentist as your little tykes have more sensitive dental needs than you do. While having a kids dentist as a contact is great, what if you, as a parent, want to get a checkup, too? Save the multiple visits to a regular dentist and a kids dentist and take care of your entire family’s checkups in one friendly visit to Felt Family Dentistry.

Felt Family Dentistry of Layton and Roy can help with kids dentistry and adult oral care alike. From infants that are getting their first tooth, to toddlers that need assistance with bottle decay, Felt Family Dentistry is sensitive to a child’s needs.

Watch the bottle

Bottle decay or bottle rot is when liquids contain sugar or the ingredients metabolize with saliva and turn into sugar. Most parents know that juices are high in sugar, but many parents do not realize the formula can metabolize into sugar. Letting a child fall asleep with juice or formula allows their teeth to soak in sugar that can eat away at their teeth and cause cavities. If you find it hard to break your baby’s habit of a naptime bottle, try transitioning them into falling asleep drinking water in their bottle.

First toothbrush

When your baby’s first tooth appears, proud parents can now start brushing that lonesome tooth. It’s never too early to start healthy oral habits. Make sure to choose a brush that has a soft brush and small head. To avoid swallowing fluoride, a “training” toothpaste can be used for the first year or two. Once a child reaches two or three and can understand instructions not to swallow toothpaste, you can introduce fluoride toothpaste.

Growing children, and adult oral care

By the time your baby becomes a child they should be familiar with a regular teeth brushing routine. They should also be familiar with going to a dentist bi-annually. Kids aren’t the only ones needing on-going oral care. You should be regularly visiting a dentist, too Here are some of the many benefits of ensuring that you and your child regularly visit a dentist.

General Cleaning

Regular dentist visits ensure that plaque and tartar buildup is removed and allows a dentist to keep an eye out on the overall health of your child’s teeth. Should a cavity begin to form, early diagnosis can minimize the time and cost that goes into treating the cavity down the road.


Should pain be occurring in your mouth, an x-ray can help diagnose issues not seen by the naked eye. With early detection, most dental procedures are quick and pain-free. Should an x-ray identify something requiring a more serious dental procedure, it’s nice to know that you’re in good hands at Felt Family Dentistry.

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