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Pearl Harbor Day

Crazy Teeth Busting Stories That Happened Outdoors

By: | Tags: | Comments: 0 | May 25th, 2015

Memorial Day is a perfect holiday weekend for many since it extends through Monday, allowing people to have a longer time to enjoy the great outdoors. So many families or group of friends go for a vacation. A lot of extreme and fun activities can be enjoyed in Utah’s backcountry, lakes, and waterways. One can hike, bike, jog, swim, boat, camp out, run – the list could be endless.

Memorial Day

While you’re out making the most of the weekend make sure to have fun.  Most importantly, be safe.  Here are some examples of crazy, teeth busting moments.

  • If you’re playing sports, avoid in-field collisions.  Many athletes have experienced accidents during a game which caused them to break a tooth or two.
  • Excited children running around parks have tripped on branches or rocks.
  • A man was driving on I-20/59 East Tuscaloosa on a Sunday night when he tried to pull his own tooth. This distracted driving caused a mile-long traffic jam as he took his hands off the wheel and lost control. He said he felt his tooth was falling off, so he could not resist pulling it out. He even saved the tooth in his shirt pocket as proof.

Granted, some of these examples are not the most normal of circumstances, but you can never be too careful.  Get out there and have fun.  Safe fun.  ;)

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