Did you know that how you take care of your kid’s baby teeth will affect how healthy their permanent teeth will be, too? As a children’s dentist in Layton and West Haven, here are some of the more common dental problems that we witness.

Tooth decay is a common issue with toddlers that use a bottle. As kids get off a bottle the chances of bottle rot diminish, but the chances of teeth issues from poor oral health habits increases.

You already know that bacteria feeds on sugar, and that sugar left on teeth is what causes cavities. A badly decayed tooth can lead to cavities that require fillings, or abscess, which may cause infection and other medical complications. It’s never too early to start healthy oral habits to prevent such issues.

Other habits of children that cause teeth issues include thumb sucking, lip sucking, tongue thrusting, and premature tooth loss, which can affect the growth of the permanent teeth. Hence, it is important that caring for your kid’s oral health starts even before their permanent teeth grow in.

Apart from bringing your child to his first dentist appointment, here are some tips to help you and your child promote healthy oral hygiene.

  1. For babies that can’t cut loose from the bottle, fill their bottle with plain water in between feedings. You can also consider a pacifier when putting them to sleep.
  2. Avoid high-sugar foods or adding sugar to your child’s food.
  3. As soon as your child has their first tooth, regularly clean their teeth and gums after every feeding. As your toddler becomes a child, teach them to brush on their own and to floss, too.
  4. Introduce bone-building fruits, veggies, and sources of calcium. Proper nutrition will help keep your kid’s bones and teeth strong and healthy.