March 2 is Read Across America Day, a national observance to promote reading, especially among children and young adults. Schools, libraries, and community centers participate by sponsoring read-a-thons, book fairs, or meet-the-author events.

Children Books Good Oral Hygiene

(Pixabay / WorkinghamLibraries)

Reading is vital to becoming a functioning member of society. Not being able to read could short circuit the most basic processes, such as reading street signs or medication instructions. Reading facilitates learning, creativity, and critical thinking. It helps people learn about different viewpoints and form healthy lifetime habits.

One way to teach our children about brushing teeth and good oral hygiene is to expose them to good books on the subject. You may be surprised to learn that there are many kids’ books centered on dental care.

Here are just a few books that will give children valuable knowledge about caring for their teeth and gums:

  • The Tooth Book – Written by Dr. Seuss, this book bears his hallmark rhyme and rhythm while educating children in an entertaining way about the number of teeth and when certain teeth come in and fall out.
  • How Many Teeth? – This book traces the formation of teeth from babies to adults. It discusses the different types of teeth.
  • Throw Your Tooth on the Roof – Children who are getting ready to lose teeth would benefit from this book. It highlights different traditions that children engage in around the world when they lose their teeth.
  • Pony Brushes his Teeth – This is a funny book about how Pony imitates everything his dad does to his teeth.
  • Little Critters: Just Going to the Dentist – Kids can read this book to learn what goes on in the dentist’s office. It helps ease the worry and fear that children often feel in anticipation of dental appointments.
  • Going to the Dentist – Another book that explains the experience of going to the dentist, this book is light and engaging.

Reading these books to children can help start them on a path to strong oral hygiene habits for life.