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Celebrity Smiles That We Cant Resist

The Celebrity Smiles We Can’t Resist

By: | Tags: | Comments: 0 | January 26th, 2018

In addition to their talent for acting, celebrity movie stars are famous for their good looks. We see them on and off the screen with their faces and hair made up, wearing perfectly-executed designer outfits and flashing intoxicating smiles.

Celebrity Smiles That We Cant Resist

(Pixabay / DWilliams)

Here are some of the movie stars who are best known for a flawless smile:

  • Julia Roberts – This star captured the hearts of millions for her acting in “Pretty Woman.” She is famously known for her wide and wondrous smile. She maintains that thanks should go to her grandfather who taught her to brush with baking soda.
  • Jessica Alba – Each photo op is an opportunity for Jessica Alba to display her gleaming and perfectly-proportioned smile. She can easily switch from a bad girl to an endearing one by simply flashing her unforgettable smile.
  • Megan Fox – This beautiful actress has many attractive features, but she may be best known for her stunning smile.
  • Matt Damon – The man who brings the Jason Bourne character to life does not smile a lot in his films, but when he does, the ladies swoon.
  • Tom Cruise – Famous for his stunts in various action films, Tom Cruise is also well-known for his pearly whites. Cruise did not always have the perfect bite, but braces set his grin straight.
  • Taylor Lautner – Famous for his role in Twilight, the whole room seems to light up when Lautner beams.

We may not have a movie star smile, but we can shine in our own way when we flash a grin. The trick is taking good care of our smile to keep it attractive over the years. We can do this by brushing and flossing regularly and visiting the dentist on a regular basis for preventive maintenance.

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