Not everyone who has a beautiful smile has natural teeth. Some of them have the confidence to flash that beautiful smile because they wear dentures. You will be surprised to learn that some of the people you admire in the news are wearing dentures (or did wear them in their lifetime).

Celebrities with Dentures

(Pixabay / rgerber)

The following are celebrities that wear dentures:

  • Joe Biden – Former Vice President and potential front-runner for the 2020 national elections wears dentures, allowing him to grin with confidence. Biden spent more than $20,000 for his perfect dentures.
  • Winston Churchill – Famous for his trademark lisp, he asked to modify his dentures in order to keep that lisp.
  • Ben Affleck – There was a time when Ben Affleck wore dentures as a cover up for his imperfect teeth. Today, he is wearing dental veneers.
  • Emma Watson – Emma Watson flashes her beautiful smile showing her natural teeth. As a child filming the Harry Potter movies, she lost some baby teeth, which producers of the movies deemed to negatively impact her role. They decided that she should wear dentures to cover them up.
  • Clark Gable – People of the present generation may not be familiar with Gable, but he was one of the biggest stars in the movies several decades ago. During the days of his popularity, he was always in demand because of his charm. But in his early 30s, Gable lost all his teeth due to severe periodontitis. He had to wear dentures, but it never stopped him from being dubbed as the King of Hollywood.
  • George Washington – The first president of the U.S. had terrible teeth throughout his life. To cover up his bad teeth, he wore dentures made of ivory that were secured with wire to his natural, unsightly teeth.
  • Florence Henderson – She became famous in “The Brady Bunch.” Henderson does not hide the fact that she wears dentures; she even worked as a spokesperson for a denture cleaner.
  • Nicole Polizzi – She made a name for herself in “The Jersey Shore” and wore a large set of dentures to give her a picture-perfect smile.

If you have missing or compromised teeth, talk to your dentist about dentures or dental implants to give you a beautiful set of pearly whites.