Christopher Columbus inspired the world to explore and search for new and better things to improve life. Likewise, advancements in the fields of science and technology are achieved through the same adventurous and exploring spirit. In recognition of Columbus Day, if explorers, scientists, and technologists did not venture into the unknown, we would not be enjoying the fruits of modern science and technology today.


Felt Family Dentistry

Felt Family Dentistry shares the same exploring and adventurous spirit shown by others in their desire to improve the services they offer to the population of Utah. Felt Family Dentistry’s West Haven and Layton dentists are now working from a digital platform to enable them to easily share patient information among staff members and show patients areas of diagnosis and proposed treatment. Dental patients who love technology will feel at home with the efficient digital practice at Felt Family Dentistry.

CAD/CAM Machine

Felt Family Dentistry considers it a priority to invest in the comfort and convenience of its patients. The company added a Cerec CAD/CAM milling machine to the West Haven dentist office and the Layton dentist office. The installation of the machine allows their West Haven and Layton dentists to take and use digital impressions, which proves to be more pleasant and convenient for their patients.

The dental milling machines are dental technologies that produce dental crowns. The CAD/CAM milling machine on site offers fast and quiet operation with clean and small physical footprint. The investment in this new technology allows these Utah dentists to offer same-day crowns to their patients and unparalleled service to the people of Utah.

The introduction of the CAD/CAM machine results in patients making lesser dental visits, allowing for maximum quality for each visit. Patients no longer have to experience the gooey impression taking process any more as dental impressions are now taken digitally in a convenient, more accurate, and less messy manner.

This Columbus Day, let’s celebrate exploration and innovation.