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What to Do if You Break a Tooth

Cracked teeth make up a significant portion of dental problems, and it’s no wonder. Your teeth are subject to constant abuse from all of the chomping, crunching, and chewing that goes on throughout the day. Add into that the unpredictability of life… Maybe you dove...

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Five Ways Stress Can Affect Your Teeth

Our bodies are designed to react specific ways when under stress for a short time, but they are not as well-equipped to cope with stress for extended periods of time. When our bodies are under constant, long-term pressure, we tend to start exhibiting physical...

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When should a root canal be considered?

Root canals might not sound too exciting, but can be really beneficial. After all, they're not as bad as many think. We polled the industry and here are six replies from those in the know on when a root canal should be considered. Ronald Goldstein, DDS Dr. Ronald E....

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Braces vs. Invisalign

If you’re considering treatment to correct crooked teeth, you’ve probably heard about both braces and Invisalign options. Complicating your choice between the two options is a phenomenon known as information overload. There is so much data out there on these two...

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Why Do I Have a Canker Sore and How Do I Prevent It?

There you are: brushing your teeth in small, circular motions to Pharrell’s “Happy,” smiling to yourself because it was such a beautiful day, and you’re feeling good! You get swept up in the song, and in your exuberance, your toothbrush jumps the rails and jabs into...

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Is Oral Sedation Dentistry a Good Option for You?

  If you get anxious at even the thought of visiting the dentist, you are not alone. A lot of people are thrown off by the discomfort, sounds, smells, or pain associated with certain dental procedures. For people who tremble at the sight of a dentist’s chair,...

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