After Thanksgiving, Christmas shopping “officially” begins. With Thanksgiving being celebrated on the fourth Thursday of every November, marketing executives began using the term “Black Friday” as the day after the Thanksgiving. Since most people have the day after Thanksgiving off from work, the day has grown to become the busiest shopping day of the year.

Black Friday shopping

Not to miss out on the retail gravy train, internet-based businesses started “Cyber Monday.” It is the same concept as Black Friday, but online businesses offer amazing deals on the first Monday that follows Thanksgiving. Between Black Friday and Cyber Monday you can find unbelievable deals and knock out Christmas shopping in a day or two.

We at Felt Family Dentistry care for you and your dental health. It may sound silly, but make sure that you include oral hygiene and teeth cleaning supplies in your considerations while you’re shopping during Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

  1. Proxabrushes – If you don’t know what these are, you are not alone. Proxabrushes are cool tools that like a floss, clean between your teeth. If you are wearing braces, these are an ideal brush to clean between your teeth. But even if you don’t wear braces, they can still make cleaning your teeth easier and quicker, especially if you have a hard time committing to flossing.
  2. Floss – Keeping in between your teeth clean is equally important as cleaning the surface areas of your teeth.
  3. Mouthwash – Mouthwash can be used everywhere and anytime. A quick swish can minimize gingivitis and keep your breath fresh. Why not stock up?
  4. Toothbrush – One can never have too many toothbrushes. Many people don’t realize that you should rotate out your old toothbrush for new every three months. You’ll always need one, so why not save on bulk supply during the holiday sales?

There are so many great deals and sales on Black Fridays and Cyber Monday. Prepare early, cut coupons if necessary, and knock out those gift giving ideas. Not sure what to get? No problem. Many retailers also offer gift certificates at discount rates during these two days too. Enjoy the holiday rush, and keep on smilin’.