Once upon a time, there was a husband that forgot his anniversary.

Just wait, it gets better.

The man’s wife wasn’t too thrilled with her husband’s forgetfulness. She, after all, had gotten him a new tie and a watch. He jumped in and contritely started making dinner and helping with the kids. Sensing that he was trying, but still not willing to let the moment slide by completely, she went up and whispered in his ear, “You can make this up to me tomorrow. I expect to see something shiny in the driveway that can go from 0 to 100 in less than 10 seconds.” And she left him to finish the dishes and turned in early for the night.

Best Oral Hygiene Gifts for Christmas

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By the next morning, the wife had forgotten her joke and had mostly forgotten about the anniversary gaffe. But, she found a note on her mirror from her husband.

“Hey honey, I’m sorry I forgot about our anniversary. But, I want to make it up to you. Go take a look at the driveway. Love you.”

The wife couldn’t believe it. She was stunned, wondering if her clever husband had planned this all along. She pulled on her robe and headed to the front door. She ran outside and looked in the driveway. It was empty, except for a small brightly wrapped box. A little confused, she walked over to the box, picked it up, and began to unwrap her gift.

Inside the box was a bright and shiny, brand new bathroom scale.

At least she gave him a nice pillow and blanket for his night on the couch.

Picking the right gift is an important, and sometimes difficult, task. Playing it safe with another scented lotion is always an option, but there are ways to think out of the box, and we are here to make a case for thinking about the dental health of the ones you love as you ponder a good gift this year.

Go with us on this one.

Teeth are an underappreciated part of our lives. Sure, they aren’t glamorous, but there aren’t many body parts you use more regularly. Except maybe the other body parts that you use in the bathroom, but those aren’t generally good to base holiday gifts off of—unless you’re thinking of the gift of toilet paper in the year 2020. But for the purposes of this article, we are focusing on brightening smiles, and we’ve some great gifts in mind. Here we go…

Electric Toothbrushes
There is plenty of research that electric toothbrushes are more effective than the old school versions, and our Davis County family dentists stand by that. In general, we see better results from those who use electric toothbrushes. Why are they better? Not only do the bristles move and groove more effectively than we can with a toothbrush in our hand, but they are also on a timer, which makes sure we brush long enough. For kids, electric toothbrushes come ready to crank out the tunes, making the whole process more fun. For a review of the top electric toothbrushes, check these out.

Water Flosser
This one you could possibly sell as a low power water gun, which might make it more popular with the kids. But, mostly, it is an extremely cool way to get in the nooks and crannies of your teeth, maintaining healthy gums and lowering the risks of gingivitis and cavities. And yes, you can also use it as a water gun. See…we told you oral hygiene could be fun! Look here for more info on good water flossers.

Plaque Revealers
This one could be especially fun for kids. These are tablets or wipes that you use to reveal any plaque left on your teeth after brushing. Kids chew up the tablet, smile in the mirror, and see colored blotches on their teeth, telling them where they missed. Now, you’ve practically turned it into a video game! Adults might also like these. We’ve been brushing our teeth for a while and think we are pretty good at it, but these tools can be fun reminders of where we are habitually missing. Look for options for these products right here.

How to Do It Right
So, you have found the perfect electric toothbrush, water flosser, or plaque tablets. The anticipation for Christmas morning is killing you. You just know they’ll love it. But… there is a chance they might not be thrilled. And they could take this gift the wrong way. Giving some teeth whitening strips, for instance, could be interpreted as a message that their teeth are yellowing. So, how can you give a gift like this in the right way? We are here for you.

These kinds of gifts fall into the same category as socks. People like to have them, but not necessarily open them. So, consider using them as a stocking stuffer. This way they get a fun and useful gift, but it is a part of a bigger group of presents. Peeling back the wrapping paper and seeing plaque tablets might be a bit of a wet blanket on Christmas cheer.

If you want to wrap the gift and put it under the tree, go for it! But, it might be a good idea to pair a practical gift with something silly and unnecessary. If you are feeling brave, try your hand at a silly poem or picture. Recognizing the fact that oral hygiene isn’t a typical Christmas present can go a long way.

While Christmas trees may not conjure up feelings of anticipation for dental care under the tree, give these ideas a chance. They are practical gifts that people rarely buy for themselves. Have fun with the gift and make sure the person knows you care about them.

It will go over much better gift than a bathroom scale.