Going to the dentist is one of those things we do because we know we should. It helps keep our teeth healthy and functional, but from one exam or cleaning to the next, you may not see a big difference in the appearance of your teeth.

This is where cosmetic dentistry steps up to help you.

Benefits of Seeing a Cosmetic Dentist

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Cosmetic dentists are all about adding appeal to your smile. They have the expertise to recognize problems and plan the best ways to improve your facial aesthetics.

Here are some perks to seeing a cosmetic dentistry specialist:

Their Training Sets them Apart

Every cosmetic dentist has undergone the same levels of education and training as any other dentist. It is after they are a fully-trained dentist that they can choose to specialize.

Those who offer cosmetic dentistry services have received additional training in the art of facial aesthetics with procedures like teeth whitening and porcelain veneers.

They Can Repair Damages

While the word “cosmetic” mostly conjures images of slapping on a fresh coat of paint, cosmetic dentists do much more for your smile. A cosmetic dentist can fix any damages your teeth may have suffered. Some examples of these repairs include:

  • Filling cavities and gaps
  • Replacing any tooth you have lost
  • Repairing cracks and breaks
  • Installing crowns, bridges, and dental implants
  • Whitening the enamel of your teeth

Visiting a regular dentist will allow you to have your teeth assessed and improved. Visiting a cosmetic dentist will improve their aesthetics and provide you with the smile you want.

Protect Your Teeth in the Future

Since cosmetic dentists have also been trained as regular dentists, they won’t do things to improve your appearance that shortchange your dental health.

For example, they might apply caps and fillings that look beautiful and match the color of your teeth, while also serving to protect the integrity of your teeth. They might also apply veneers that standardize the color of your smile while strengthening the overall alignment of your mouth.

The plan put together by your cosmetic dentist will also include inspections and care for your gums. We often forget about our gums when it comes to dental health, but cosmetic dentists don’t. Gum care is critical—not just for overall oral health but also for creating a killer smile.

Further Benefits

Now you know the basics, let’s look at a few related benefits:

  • Boost your confidence – getting the smile you want can make drastic improvements to your confidence. If you have ever felt embarrassed by your teeth, cosmetic dentistry procedures can get rid of the source of your insecurities and help you feel proud of your smile.
  • Improve your health – they say that smiling as a physical activity affects the rest of our bodies. It can lower your blood pressure and heart rate, which lowers stress. It can also help boost your mood.
  • Make an impact –A smile is infectious. If you smile more, those around you will smile with you. This can work wonders for your family, friends, and co-workers.

Where to Find a Cosmetic Dentist in Utah

At Felt Family Dentistry, we are a one-stop-shop offering traditional dentistry and cosmetic dentistry services in Weber County, Davis County, and beyond. We are specially trained to offer professional teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, dental implants, composite fillings, and more. Our team has a passion for creating beautiful smiles and relies on artistic sensibility to conduct every dental procedure. When you visit one of our cosmetic dentistry specialists, you can be sure to find professionals who have the skill and training to make your smile as healthy and beautiful as possible.