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Advantages of Dental Crowns

By: | Tags: | Comments: 0 | April 27th, 2016

Dental crowns are an innovative approach to restoring a damaged tooth. The simplest way to explain a dental crown is that they are tooth-shaped covers that are customized to fit over cracked or damaged tooth to restore strength. Here are some of their advantages.


Crowns free you from pain caused by a damaged tooth. Remedying pain restores the use of your tooth and brings back a comfortable bite.

Highly Restorative

By remedying a tooth, you restore proper chewing abilities. Eating is now comfortable again.

Quality of Speech

A missing tooth can impact your quality of speech. When a tooth is missing, your teeth may move to fill in any gaps. Additionally, missing teeth can impact your jaw bone. All of which can negatively impact your speech. By retaining a mouth full of usable teeth you retain proper alignment and speech.


Damaged or missing teeth can be unsightly and it can leave patients self-conscious with their smile. You will find that dental crowns look just like a natural tooth as they tend to mimic the color and look of surrounding teeth. Many people turn to dental crowns to have their damaged or missing tooth replaced and their overall look restored. Aesthetically, your crown can improve the look of cracked, broken, or severely discolored teeth. Crowns can effectively bring back your smile.

Resistant To Stains

Dental crowns are stain resistant.


Crowns can easily last for a decade or two. If you practice exceptional oral hygiene, they can last a lifetime.

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