Finding time in between work, soccer practice, and social activities to get you and your family members to their respective doctor, dentist, orthodontist, and eye appointments can be challenging. Managing the family calendar alone can leave you with your head spinning. As tempting as it may be to brush it all under the rug until a problem arises, preventative care appointments are an essential part of maintaining the health and well-being of each member of the family.

Reasons to Find a Family Dentist

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Locating a trusted family dentist and attending appointments regularly can help restore some sanity to your life. Here are five reasons to be proactive in seeking out a dentist for preventative care for the whole family.

1. You Can Make it a Family Affair

For most people, a trip to the dentist is not the highlight of their week. Some may even develop dental anxiety. Young children may be especially wary of this new experience. They may not like having a stranger rooting around in their mouth or the sounds that the dental tools make.

Going to the dentist as a family gives parents a chance to set an example for their children. Seeing mom and dad calmly and comfortably have their teeth cleaned sends a clear message to even young kids that there is no reason to fear dental visits. In this environment with their parents at their side, children can overcome these fears at a young age. They can also learn the importance of continuing dental care throughout their life – not just as they are growing and developing.

2. It Makes Scheduling Easier

A family dentist is trained to address all needs of all age groups, from young toddlers to the elderly. Family dentists can handle retainers, deep cleanings, and even dentures. Using a family dentist, you can eliminate the need for separate trips to different offices for each age group. Everyone can see the same dentist at the same time. Because family dentists understand that coordinating the family schedule is not easily done, some offer extended or weekend hours that may be more convenient for working parents with busy kids.

The needs of each family member can vary widely. From young kids in need of sealants to teens requiring braces and parents interested in teeth whitening, a family dentist offers a wide range of services. With cosmetic and hygienic care all taken care of in the same place, it is not only easy to schedule, but it is easy to maintain continuity of care. Your dentist will know you, your allergies, and your sensitivities, providing you with comfortable care each time you sit in the chair.

3. You Can Build Trust

It is only human to keep your guard up until you develop a trusting relationship with someone.
Building this trust with your dentist through regular cleaning visits is essential. Your dentist must understand your health history. Some medical conditions can significantly impact oral health, as can the medications prescribed for seemingly unrelated conditions. Diabetes and high blood pressure are just two common medical conditions that can negatively impact oral health, especially if left unchecked. Alerting your dentist to these diseases early can help your provider identify potential problems before they get out of control.

4. Consistency is Key

We have all been through the experience of seeing a new dentist. Where do you start? How much history do they really want or need to know? This uncomfortable situation can make you long for your old dentist. They seemed to know where the trouble spots were and just how much cleaning you could take before needing a break. When a problem arose, they knew how long the crown in question had been there because they put it there. Sound familiar?

Finding a dentist who can monitor and care for your mouth in the long-term is mutually beneficial. You receive care from someone who knows your mouth just about as well as you do, and your dentist doesn’t have to wonder whether the filling was done improperly or failed due to age. Having a history together goes a long way towards making dental care less painful for all involved.

5. Proactive Treatment is Simpler

Even very young children can start dental care with a family dentist who can follow them for years to come, eliminating the need to change providers when they get older. If there are genetic dental problems that run in the family, the dentist may be able to diagnose them much earlier, having already seen it in Mom and Dad. Early detection nearly always makes issues easier to resolve.

There are many competent dental professionals to choose from along the Wasatch Front. It can be overwhelming to find one for the kids, one for grandma, and another one for yourself. However, opting instead for a family dentist in Utah can help simplify dental care for everyone. Family dentists can track each family member’s care regardless of age or individual circumstances, making sure that oral health does not get in the way of living life.